This podcast is hosted by R. J. Talyor, editor-in-chief of The New New Thing and Liz Prugh, managing editor of The New New Thing.

This week’s podcast features AWS solutions architect certified tech-enthusiast Brian Schuster. Brian has over seven years of experience in SQL, development and data warehousing and has recently ventured into content writing to attract the attention of talented and enthusiastic professionals interested in creating new blockchain technology.

When you hear the word “blockchain” or  the phrase “dark/deep web”, you may have the same reaction as us: What exactly do these words mean? With blockchain being a trending topic, we asked Brian to join our podcast so we could interview him on what it is, why it’s significant, and what marketers need to know. 

In this podcast, we discuss: 

  • Where the term “deep/dark web” started and what it means;
  • What blockchain really is and why it’s significant (also for specific industries, like finance, for example);
  • What hosting a site on a decentralized network actually means and why you need to know about it;
  • What marketers need to know about blockchain and resources to reference for more information (see below).

Follow Brian on Quora and learn more about blockchain through his latest venture Hivergent. You can also find more information about blockchain by diving into these three books:

  1. Digital Gold: Learn more about why blockchain exists.
  2. Internet of Money: Learn how blockchain is going to impact the world.
  3. Mastering Bitcoin: Understand the inner workings of the world’s largest blockchain technology. 

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Liz Prugh
Managing Editor | The New New Thing
Liz is a tech geek, geek in general, and always aspiring #fiercefemale. Liz is managing editor for The New New Thing and previously worked for ExactTarget and Salesforce in marketing and customer success. Liz is also the co-creator of pop culture site and channels her inner-nerd by hosting and moderating comic cons across the country.
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