Key Takeaways
  • Experiment.
  • Continue experimenting.
  • Repeat.

Welcome to The New New Thing

As marketers, we get caught up in the grind. We still make decisions based on intuition while knowing that marketing has turned into a science. Marketing tactics—creatives, offers, channels, analytics—are all-consuming, and draw our attention away from marketing evolution. But to be the best, we need to track marketing innovations and discover the ways that science combines with art and what’s coming next…before it disrupts us completely.

Our mission at The New New Thing is to uncover the science of marketing and pursue truth and transparency in marketing. The New New Thing stays ahead of the forefront of innovation, and provides digital marketing leaders with inspiration, how-to guidance, interviews and op-eds with industry leaders, curated digital marketing news, and data-driven insights. 

Let’s get experimenting!

Our Manifesto: Why Experiment?

Because the world is changing faster than we know. Because the iPhone came out 10 years ago. Because my children won’t ever know what an answering machine is. Because my four year old knows how to swipe, and I wasn’t allowed to change the channel or use the microwave until I was nine years old.

Because we’re shaped by current events, celebrities, politics, weather, seasons, fashion, who’s in the Super Bowl and red V-neck sweaters. Because suddenly, Snapchat is a thing–I mean Snap–and Snap is already mainstream. Because music is digital now, but vinyl is back.


Because mobile is eating the world. Because we speak into smart machines that answer back. Because polls aren’t accurate. Because there is no privacy. Because internet. Because fat-free and low-carb are either trendy, or not trendy? Because Kim Kardashian is worth $51 million and someone is sending a Kimoji on a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in an airport terminal right now.


Because consumers don’t always know what they want. Because the sky will soon be filled with drones delivering artisanal kimchi. Because I can haz cheezburger. B/c the way we talk to each other is #evolving fast af rn.

Because there will be more storylines to cram into the Star Wars franchise, right? Because millennials and hipsters aren’t the hot new things anymore. Because an experiment isn’t the same thing as a test. Because badly-executed digital ads are intrusive, and consumers won’t tolerate them. Because we can choose the blue pill now and go to a virtual reality. Because some people don’t know what “choose the blue pill” is in reference to.

The Matrix: Watch it now if you haven’t. Seriously, go watch it.

Because a hyperloop and flying cars aren’t just Jetsons cartoons. Because “action creates a taste for itself” (Kay Ryan) and we have to start somewhere. Because of walled gardens. Because cat film festivals exist. Because Netflix and chill. Because video is eating the internet.

Because we ride in strangers’ cars and stay in strangers’ homes, and that’s cool. Because the last person walked on the moon 40 years ago. Because someone else does the grocery shopping for us. Because someone else preps an entire meal and delivers it to our house, and we still can’t get a healthy dinner on the table. Because of organics. Because of hydroponics. Because of solar. Because Elon Musk doesn’t have all the good ideas.


Because we have growth goals, and those growth goals are always growing. Because we have to learn. Because learning takes time, energy and resources away from execution. Because we believe in AI. Because our competitors are already doing it. Because we need a cheerleader when it gets tough. Because we need inspiration. Because it’s worth the risk, and it’s worth the reward.


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R. J. Talyor
Editor-in-Chief | The New New Thing
R. J. is a founder-in-residence at SaaS Venture Studio High Alpha and working on the launch of a marketing R&D platform for digital ads. He has 15 years of SaaS experience, formerly working for ExactTarget, Salesforce, and Geofeedia. He thrives on new technologies and innovations, which is why he launched The New New Thing as a resource for digital marketers to find inspiration and unleash new levels of creativity in their work.
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