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R. J. Talyor
Editor-in-Chief | The New New Thing
R. J. is a founder-in-residence at SaaS Venture Studio High Alpha and working on the launch of a marketing R&D platform for digital ads. He has 15 years of SaaS experience, formerly working for ExactTarget, Salesforce, and Geofeedia. He thrives on new technologies and innovations, which is why he launched The New New Thing as a resource for digital marketers to find inspiration and unleash new levels of creativity in their work. Read articles by R. J.
Liz Prugh
Managing Editor | The New New Thing
Liz is a tech geek, geek in general, and always aspiring #fiercefemale. Liz is managing editor for The New New Thing and previously worked for ExactTarget and Salesforce in marketing and customer success. Liz is also the co-creator of pop culture site PureFandom.com and channels her inner-nerd by hosting and moderating comic cons across the country. Read articles by Liz
Drew Beechler
Contributor | The New New Thing
Drew is a data-driven marketer with a passion for crafting exceptional brand experiences. He currently runs marketing at High Alpha, an Indianapolis-based venture studio, and previously held roles in content marketing and product marketing at ExactTarget and Salesforce. At High Alpha, Drew advises and runs marketing in the early days for the High Alpha Studio portfolio companies, helping them scale to their first $1M in revenue and build world-class marketing teams. Read articles by Drew
Srikar Kalvakolanu
Research Analyst | High Alpha
Ryan Larcom
Director of Strategy & Innovation | High Alpha
Ryan loves bringing ideas into reality: whether turning sketches into products as an engineer & designer or as a strategist turning executives' business aspirations into growth strategies & partnerships. At High Alpha, Ryan combines his passion for user-centric design with his strategic skills to lead the ideation & new business generation process that ultimately launches a new startup several times per year. Read articles by Ryan
Jon Hubartt
Design Director | The New New Thing

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