One of Hubspot’s latest infographics (see below) tackles a hot topic in AI: voice assistant technology. While many of us use Siri, Google Home, Amazon Echo, and others to prove a point to a family member, set a timer for cookies, or get the current temperature outside, Hubspot took its test a level deeper with Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. 

Hubspot partnered with Zlated Media to identify the following capabilities and specs of each through five rounds:

  • Round 1, Memory: Does Siri really know my favorite color (does she even care?) 
  • Round 2, Integrations: How many apps sync with the technology?
  • Round 3, Conversational: Does it feel like the user is talking to a robot, or do we have a Her situation on our hands?


  • Round 4, Random Questions: Which reports the weather more accurately?
  • Final Round, Specific features: See our breakdown and the infographic below for results.

Experiment Results: Who Was The Winner?

According to Hubspot and Zlated Media’s experiment, Google Assistant takes the prize for best voice assistant. Siri edged out Google Assistant when it came to working with apps on your phone (Siri posts to Facebook and Twitter and recognizes music through Shazam), but Google Assistant “is better at remembering information and allowing you to refer things mentioned previously in a conversation.” Overall, Google Assistant comes across “less like a robot” than Siri. 

In addition to the conclusive results from the five rounds, here’s where Google Assistant beat out Siri in the final round:

  • Riddles: Siri apparently doesn’t like riddles. When I asked Siri to tell me a riddle, the response was, “Sorry, but enigmas and conundra make my circuits overheat”. Bonus points for wit?
  • Poetry: Siri’s wit was again the response to this request: “Roses are red, violets are blue, haven’t you got anything better to do?”
  • Query suggestions: Siri only provides search results.
  • Playing games: Maybe this will be a roadmap item for Apple in the future?

Keep in mind that the goal for the experiment was to determine which technology was the better voice assistant. While Siri may still respond to requests, the technology is not following through with exactly what the user acts for — like specific responses to questions (refer to the “riddles” response) — or, it completely lacks a capability (games, query suggestions.) So, unless you’re looking for a technology to sass off to you, Google Assistant appears to be the way to go when it comes to using voice assistant technology.

More Voice Assistant Experiments

If you’re looking for how Google Assistant and Siri match up against other virtual assistant tools, take a look at Business Insider’s experiment, where the two technologies are put to the test against Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. Tech YouTuber and web producer Marques Brownlee also performed an experimental evaluation between Siri and Google Assistant in October 2016. See how his results matched up against Hubspot’s in the video below.

Hubspot and Zlated Media’s Infographic

Google Assistant vs. Siri

As far as a voice assistant, which tool do you prefer to use? Comment below!

Featured image: BGR

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