After starting a new company — or launching a new product line — you inevitably want to spread the word and start to generate buzz and awareness for your new company. When trying to spread the word on a wide scale, where do you start? How do you ensure that you generate some buzz and some permanence to your company? How do you introduce your brand to your desired audience?

One of the first — and most essential — steps is to figure out who is your target market. Who do you want to know about what you are, what you’re selling, or what product you offer? If you don’t know your market, then you can’t figure out how to reach them. I am a big advocate for having ruthless prioritization and focus in determining who that target market is.

You’ll also have to figure out what’s unique enough about what you do and how that translates to unique content that appeals to your market — your “value proposition.”

Once you have those figured out, you can start to think about and experiment with your content and promotion strategies. Salesforce Canada recently put together the infographic below detailing some of these ways to introduce your company to the world, and ways you can connect with your target market. Check out the infographic below, and well as ideas on how to execute on some of the strategies it provides.


How to Introduce Your Brand New Company to the World in 5 Easy Steps

Via Salesforce

Examples of How to Execute These Ideas (In Your Content Marketing):


Entertaining your audience can take many forms. Recent New New Thing podcast guest and Gainsight CMO Anthony Kennada shares how Gainsight’s Pulse 2017 Conference drew on nostalgia to entertain attendees and keep them stimulated and engaged.


Create content that’s not only relevant to what your product(s) provide, but serves as a helpful resource to the daily activities your audience/customers perform. Here are some examples:

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Start Conversation:

Podcasts are a great way to get your audience engaged and provoke conversation. Check out some of The New New Thing’s latest podcasts, with guests like Yext CMO Jeff Rohrs and CrowdRiff’s head of marketing Amrita Chandra

Teach How to do Something:

How-to articles are always a successful strategy to engage (and keep) readers on your website’s blog/thought leadership.

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Provide Relevant Information:

When sharing articles/news from other sources, stick to topics that align with you brand, and think outside the box with some of the content you’re promoting and creating. If your company’s brand is all about innovation and staying on top of the latest and greatest in technology, sharing that Elon Musk plans to launch a company that will merge the human brain with AI serves as a relevant topic to tweet about and get your customers excited (and more likely to share and comment on.)

Drew Beechler
Contributor | The New New Thing
Drew is a data-driven marketer with a passion for crafting exceptional brand experiences. He currently runs marketing at High Alpha, an Indianapolis-based venture studio, and previously held roles in content marketing and product marketing at ExactTarget and Salesforce. At High Alpha, Drew advises and runs marketing in the early days for the High Alpha Studio portfolio companies, helping them scale to their first $1M in revenue and build world-class marketing teams.
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