“The answer will present itself” is a phrase that I hear a lot in digital marketing experimentation. Either statistical significance, time, or another factor emerges to declare the hypothesis true or false. But this answer only creates more questions — and more opportunities for testing. Therefore, an experiment is never truly complete. Both exhilarating and frustrating!

Marketing Experiments vs Tests: Why Marketers Need to Know The Difference

At Quantifi, we know the experiment is never complete. There’s always something further to learn. So “completeness” is not really an option. Instead, we subscribe to the core value of “speed over completeness” to give the team (and our customers!) license to quickly try, learn, and try again — knowing that whatever answer they discover will be just a step on the journey.

Speed often gets paired with sloppiness—haste makes waste, right? Speed also brings forth images of Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock on a city bus. Neither of those references are what I’m advocating; instead, free yourself to think of speed as:

  • A license to make decisions on imperfect information;
  • Setting regular milestones to validate or pivot;
  • Short experiments;
  • Incremental learning sprints vs. one giant “aha!” moment;
  • Agility in an ever-changing world.

Source: We Heart It

Outside of work, our team participates in several activities that slow us down: gardening, beer making, beekeeping, art, camping, minimalism. So, it’s not always about speed; but, speed as an antidote for the elusive completeness keeps the Quantifi engine running toward discovery after discovery, as the answers present, emerge, and disappear.

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R. J. Talyor
Editor-in-Chief | The New New Thing
R. J. is a founder-in-residence at SaaS Venture Studio High Alpha and working on the launch of a marketing R&D platform for digital ads. He has 15 years of SaaS experience, formerly working for ExactTarget, Salesforce, and Geofeedia. He thrives on new technologies and innovations, which is why he launched The New New Thing as a resource for digital marketers to find inspiration and unleash new levels of creativity in their work.
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