In the last few weeks we’ve been focusing on how digital marketers across several industries are leveraging new trends, analyzing growth, and staying inspired and experimenting with new marketing strategies. We’ve discovered that visual marketing is becoming increasingly useful to marketers for filling their funnel and have dug up several growth tools and tactics that have proven to work in scaling and building out teams. 

Diving more into the data behind these trends and strategies, let’s take a look at the Search Engine Journal’s annual 2017 State of Digital Marketing Report released earlier this year, where it surveyed over 230 digital marketers in the business on “how they work, what they spend, and how they measure success.” SEJ provided a breakdown of the demographic of the professionals surveyed for the report:

  • SEO Specialist Expert: 34%
  • Manager/Multi-discipline: 28%
  • Business Owner: 12%
  • Content Marketing Specialist: 10%
  • PPC Specialist: 9%
  • Social Media Specialist: 7%

Take a look at some of the highlights below (via SEJ), as well as the full infographic:

  • 31% spend an average of $51 – $300 on SEO tools per month.
  • 23% spend less than $50 a month on SEO tools.
  • 68% of respondents utilize remarketing campaigns.
  • 66% of respondents find remarketing campaigns to be effective.
  • 42% of respondents allocate most of their digital marketing budget to PPC and display ads.
  • 62% would pick Facebook over any other social media platform.
  • 53% state they have a documented content marketing strategy.

SEJ also reports what digital marketers measure in their social media campaigns: “When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of social media campaigns, the top three metrics tracked by digital marketers are:

  1. Engagement (likes, upvotes, and comments): 39%
  2. Conversions: 31%
  3. Traffic: 13%”

See the full infographic here:

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Liz Prugh
Managing Editor | The New New Thing
Liz is a tech geek, geek in general, and always aspiring #fiercefemale. Liz is managing editor for The New New Thing and previously worked for ExactTarget and Salesforce in marketing and customer success. Liz is also the co-creator of pop culture site and channels her inner-nerd by hosting and moderating comic cons across the country.
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