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The New New Thing is continually looking for the best content and authors for our publication and community. If you are interested in contributing to The New New Thing, please read our guidelines below for articles and how to submit your content.

Content Guidelines

Contributors are encouraged to submit content that aligns with The New New Thing’s mission of inspiring, informing, and equipping growth marketing and acquisition leaders and teams to take control of their marketing experiments. We look for content that will resonate with our digital marketing audience around digital marketing platforms, marketing experiments, and digital analytics and attribution.

Content can be in the form of articles, interviews, infographics, op-ed pieces, and data-driven reports, and we look for content exclusive to TheNewNewThing.com. Content cannot be promotional in nature, but you can link out to a report or whitepaper if it aligns with the article.

We reserve the right to edit any submissions and will reach out for approval on any substantive changes.

Submitting an Article

To submit an article to be considered for our publication, please send an email to contribute@thenewnewthing.com with the following information:

  • Your name and contact information.
  • An executive summary or a copy of the full article you would like to submit.
  • Name, title, high-res headshot, company, and short biography of the contributor. Please include a short description of the author’s expertise on the subject or previously-published articles.

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