Stuck in a motivational rut? We all go through them, but innovation comes from getting outside your comfort zone. Sure, you could go for a walk, find your center in a yoga class, or take a different route to work. But where does you true inspiration and innovation come from?

Here are a few quick ideas that might get you outside of your comfort zone. And who knows what you’ll find when you’re floating out there!

1. Get Beanboozled

My eight-year-old niece turned me onto this jelly bean game, where two you never quite know what you’re going to taste. Does that speckled bean taste like “Tutti Frutti” or a “Stinky Sock?” This game will certainly leave you guessing, and take your taste buds on a trip outside the comfort zone.

2. Snapchat Lens

Snap uses facial recognition to delightfully transform your face into something new: a cute dog, a bunny, a llama, or add a fun element like a crown of flowers to your head or a stream of rainbow vomiting form your mouth. Depending on the day and your location, you’ll see different lenses available. Always something new to take you to another place!

3. Workday Escape

If you like playing gif roulette, give the /giphy extension a try on Slack to express your sentiment. One word of warning: check your settings to make sure those gifs stay SFW 🙂

4. Book a Mystery Trip

For the ultimate escape, why not pack up and go on a mystery vacation. You can set your budget (as low as $100) and let them do the planning until you get to the airport!

5. Cook Dinner from the Mystery Basket

If you listen to our podcast, you know I’m a big fan of Chopped, the Food Network cooking competition where chefs cook a three course meal from a basket of mystery ingredients. Now you can do it at home–check out the FoodFu app to cook yourself out of a rut!

6. Or, Cook Dinner from a Mystery Box

Home delivery like Green Bean Delivery provide farm fresh veggies and fruits to your door. And if you don’t select in your pre-order, you’ll end up with a wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables that you don’t want to go waste. Have fun discovering recipes that take you outside your typical dinner routine!  

7. Meet Someone New

Tired of the same old conversations? Find someone with a similar interest, or discovery a new one at Meetup.

You don’t have to stay stuck, and sometimes even the smallest changes bring new ideas. So get outside your comfort zone and start cooking, trying, playing, eating or traveling — or whatever you need to discover something new!

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Featured image: The Way of Meditation

R. J. Talyor
Editor-in-Chief | The New New Thing
R. J. is a founder-in-residence at SaaS Venture Studio High Alpha and working on the launch of a marketing R&D platform for digital ads. He has 15 years of SaaS experience, formerly working for ExactTarget, Salesforce, and Geofeedia. He thrives on new technologies and innovations, which is why he launched The New New Thing as a resource for digital marketers to find inspiration and unleash new levels of creativity in their work.
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