As marketers, there are three things we can’t get enough of daily: shortcuts, data, and brain breaks. Whether you’re a marketer at a startup with only you to claim as the entire marketing department or a part of a team of 50 at a larger company, you’re always wearing more hats than you can sometimes handle, and growth hacks have become your best friend.
You can’t get enough data to measure the social campaigns you’re running and use to justify to your boss that you deserve the extra budget. And, of course, brain breaks are completely necessary to not only keep you sane, but stimulate your creative juices. If your team’s slack channel doesn’t have at least one reaction GIF in it daily, I highly recommend you try using Beyonce to congratulate your teammate versus the thumbs-up emoji.


Here are 10 Chrome extensions fitting several of marketers’ needs that can be used on a daily basis to make our busy lives a little bit easier.

1. OneTab

OneTab saves up to “95% memory and reduces tab clutter.” If you’re like me, then you currently have 20+ tabs open, because they serve as reminders for what you have to do today. This extension helps reduce your CPU load and make your computer run faster, especially if you also have Photoshop, InDesign, and a slew of other other apps open on a daily basis. 

2. Evernote Web Clipper 

Most marketers live by their Evernote, and this extension helps save articles and snippets you come across that you want to read through later in your already-organized notebooks. It also has customizations for YouTube, Amazon, and LinkedIn.

3. Rapportive 

Marketing consultants, this extension is said to be a must-have. Rapportive shows extra details about your contacts within your Gmail, like their LinkedIn profile and social media accounts. For this reason, it’s also great for sales teams. Working in editing, I work with several different outlets and individuals, so I recently downloaded this to test out how helpful it will be for quickly accessing my contacts’ social media and filtering through past conversations.

4. Pocket

Simply put, this helps you save cool articles you don’t have time to read now for later. 

5. Grammarly

This one has been around for quite some time, but the tool continually improves. I’d still recommend proofreading an important email you’re sending out, but this definitely helps when you’re catching up on tons of emails from your week of PTO (when you tend to make simple grammar errors.)

6. Twitter Follower

This isn’t so much a daily tool, but more one to review your Twitter profile once in a while. Twitter’s browsing feature isn’t the greatest when it comes to finding like-minded accounts to follow (like Instagram’s killer browsing feature), so Twitter Follower helps with boosting your Twitter following with relevant accounts to help grow your followers/who you are following and crank up engagement. 

7. For Fun: GoogleGifs  

This extension automatically renders GIFs live in your search, so you don’t have to click into it and cross your fingers that it’s a GIF and not a static image.

8. Yesware or Hubspot 

I’ve used both of these tools for email tracking, and depending on what CRM you use they are both helpful for seeing who is opening and clicking into your emails. Their follow-up tools and extra analytics in the paid versions are also worth the investment.

9. Page Analytics by Google

See how website visitors are interacting with your pages through a bar at the top of your website. This extensions measures: “pageviews, unique pageviews, average time on a page, bounce rate, % exit number of active visitors, and where users click in real time.”

10. SEOQuake 

For beginner and experienced content marketers, this is one of the most popular plugins for SEO. It helps with SEO audits, measuring your keyword difficulty and density, as well as helping to configure a stop-word list. If you use Yoast SEO in WordPress, then you’ve seen how an extra few minutes optimizing your SEO can help with an individual blog post and the ranking of your website. For more SEO tips, give a listen to our interview with SEO expert and guru Ashley Faulkes
This is only a snippet of the helpful Chrome extensions available; let me know your favorites in the comments or tweet the team at @tnntnews!
Liz Prugh
Managing Editor | The New New Thing
Liz is a tech geek, geek in general, and always aspiring #fiercefemale. Liz is managing editor for The New New Thing and previously worked for ExactTarget and Salesforce in marketing and customer success. Liz is also the co-creator of pop culture site and channels her inner-nerd by hosting and moderating comic cons across the country.
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